The fire at the oil refinery cost tens of millions of dollars.

fire Reporter reports today (29:00 a.m.) that at 4:00 p.m. Euthen supported an investigator who had received a fire report from an oil-fired plant.Quick.

By more than 20 water vehicles, thefire extinguishers are accelerating, and there’s always a loud explosion, because the area of thefire is a large storage facility and the production of oil makes it difficult to control thefire, taking more than four hours to control thefire.

Firemen from the province near King Bury, Ancient Bury, are supporting the supply offire extinguishers while the factory is still onfire.

According to the interrogation, Mr. Saints, the general manager, knew that for the factory there was an oil-and-hydraulics factory at around 3:00 p.m. when thefirebroke out, and that he wasn’t there.

For the factory that was onfireas an oil-fired site while the crime scene was staffed, but no one was injured, the cause is unknown, and the damage is estimated at tens of millions.

29.64 (17.30 a.m.) Super-cool! “Fire factory in the area?

His little county, Pashbury, had a blast from the factory.

Range “Uncontrollable.”

Cr. broadcast live at the crime scene in the province of jewelry.

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