The court of appeal has granted the release of Anant-Penguin’s attorney.

The Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of Attorney Anant-Anant to the Supreme Court, Penguin-Prince, a civil appeal, on Monday, May 15th, not to release the three men temporarily, claiming that the three were charged with high fines and feared to have escaped.

“If temporary release is granted during the trial, defendant number one (Penguin), number two (Aunt) and number four (Master) may cause further harm or damage and it is believed that defendant number one, number two and number four may have escaped.The first, second and fourth indictments shall not be granted in the course of consideration of a preliminary ruling that no longer permits the release of an offender.

On the 9th of January, all three members of the National Assembly and Dr. Banque-Aquatico travelled to report back to the criminal court, Royal Street, in Tiananmenh City, on charges of one conspiracy.That’s a violation of Section 112 of the Criminal Code.

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