The council approved 319 votes, unlocked the cottage from drugs.

The council approves a 319-voice vote to remove

the shack from drugs, effective within 90 days, with the adoption of a bill.

Today (27m) in parliament, there’s a meeting of the House of Representatives, chaired by Mr. Potysu, Vice-President

Vice-President. Chairman of the meeting to consider the drug-punishment body that the committee of inquiry has completed.

Mr. Honorable, the High Priestess of Justice, as chairman of the Senate, reported to the council meeting

that according to the council meeting,Consider the principles of the narcotics agency punished.

Now that the Cabinet has completed its consideration

the Cabinet has used the drug-punishment body proposed by the Cabinet as the basis for its consideration.

And there’s a last remark to consider.

One, this draft will remove the cabin from

the drug, so that the people who consume it will not be guilty unless it is mixed with other drugs.

2. This draft will be enforced within 90 days of

the official announcement in December

which the Cabinet amended accordingly from the original 180 days by cancelling.Blaming the cabin will benefit the people who use it

The usual routine is to reduce the government’s budget to arrest and prosecute.

And it’s also beneficial to boost

the country’s economy, because

the cabin is a biologically diverse herb with the potential it deserves.benefit a country in particular to the farmer So this paper should push the body through quickly.

3. When the draft law is declared for use in

the New Year’s Eve, the people of

the cabin may be found guilty that

the law will be in force within 90 days

and that there will be a quagmire.Use the cabin freely and be arrested immediately.The law’s not yet in effect. The authorities concerned must make the public aware of this.

4. The length of time it takes for

this body to produce another crop hut to control the use of the hut.Since the cabin’s been removed from the dope commando

The Ph.D. has ruled that there should be no restrictions, as stipulated in the 2522 Narcotics Convention.

Because the cabin is a potentially economic herb, but it does not allow for use in children and young people.

When you’re done reporting to the council

Members of the Council have discussed various issues, particularly Article 2, the timing of the law’s passage after the 90-day official announcement.

Some members want the law to take immediate effect, which you honor by pointing out that a 90-hour deadline for

the formation of a plant protection agency is a long time coming.A cabin that’s a secondary law for controlling the use of crops.Um

not to allow children and young people to access it, not to use it in the wrong way or to mix it with another drug.

The meeting agreed to amend this law to take effect 90 days after the official announcement of the treaty. With 326 votes to 5.Yeah.

Then at the meeting, the board approved

the body of the DEA for a sentence of 319 votes to 7 and proceeded with the procedure for expelling him.It’s the next law.

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