Bcomplete (B Complete) home builder and house design company.

Bcomplete (Bcomplete), a complete house builder and house design company on client’s land. Design covers all styles It is in the Seacon Group. Therefore, using the Seacon Prefabricated Structure System (SCS) is the main, helping the construction work strong, fast, complete, guaranteed for up to 20 years with the slogan “A Complete Way of Living” to provide services for building houses or buildings of various types such as condos, factories, entertainment venues. By taking into account the needs, timing and budget of the customer. Able to choose standard house designs that are available and can be customized as needed. Or you can have a special design team for the exterior and interior decoration.

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Armstrong Flooring Anyone looking for flooring materials.

Armstrong Flooring Anyone looking for flooring materials. This is another home and condo interior design program that offers you an enjoyable viewing experience. To the process of collecting many different materials in one website Therefore, there is no need to roam around to find dozens of material stores and get the right flooring material In addition, this interior design program also offers tips on how to decorate your home. Whether the match or not with the flooring materials, friends have chosen, but I must say that this website is a foreign country that you can see for inspiration in the local decoration. May save a picture for the Supplier that friends have found, recommend and continue to install. Armstrong

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SCG HEIM (SCG Heim), a house building company producing materials

SCG HEIM (SCG Heim) home builder company It is known as a manufacturer of building materials for more than 100 years. Or land with the same house already With a special SCG HEIM System manufactured and monitored by robots from Japan. The highlight is the selection of good quality materials. Ready to close all gaps Helps prevent dust, bacteria, allergens. And noise Makes a home that is clean, safe and of quality, also strong and durable, with staff to take care of closely from the design, manufacture and construction stage, the structure is guaranteed for 20 years. Building exterior and interior decoration.

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