St. Won, don’t smuggle into the country, risk COVID-19

St.Congressman, please don’t smuggle into the country at risk of Kovid-19, after you see an infected woman.

Oceania Gavinpong, Director of Disease Control, revealed the outbreak of Kovid 19 on January 31, 2564. It is now established that some Thai people are still trying to smuggle through the country through natural channels, such as the case of a 31-year-old woman who was smuggled in from Malesia on the 27th of June, before being found infected with Covid-19, so this section would like to cooperate with those who are attempting to escape through the natural channels to coordinate the city’s secret passage.To prevent the spread of disease in the wider world.

St.As for the case of a 19-year-old woman found infected in

the Caspian Sea, the most recent one found 21 people infected.

On the way down to the disease control investigation area,

the number of people downloading the “Doctor Win” application was reduced, so I asked for your help in controlling the disease.

However, Oceania reported that in the case of

the iconic department store, a medical investigation found it to be infected.The department store staff, including seven, are old-fashioned cases that have been reported,

so let’s trust people to confirm that

the past has never been infected by everyday life, such as walking by or taking the same train, but will be caught in a place where the air doesn’t melt or eat together for a long time.

However, tomorrow (1st January, 64) there are many areas where some measures can be relaxed, so I’d like to ask

the people to cooperate.I’m gonna need a full-scale medical checkup, a medical mask, a hand sanitizer, unless the distance is too high.

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