Sentencing you to assault a gang of Leo High School, 13-19 years from now.

The Sentencing Court of Appeals overturned the gang’s assault on Lothian High School in 2562 with a partial sentence of 13-19 years to 1-2 years.

The Tribunals read the appeal court’s ruling on the men’s group breaking into the Leo High School case on 24th February, 62.Wages around 2:30 p.m. while there was a GAT/PAT exam at the Lion High School, 22 defendants.

By a court of first instance, 21 defendants, from two months, 2,500 baht to 19 years, three months, Sentencing serving sentences.For two years, the defendant shall compensate the school for the sum of 35,400 baht, and for the other three victims the sum of 56,142.50 baht, 35,737 baht, and the amount of 55,352.50 baht in order to dismiss the defendant for 16 other charges.In addition to this, it is to be waived while the plaintiff and the defendant file an appeal by the defendant at 11 and 13 withdraws the appeal.

In spite of this, the court of appeal ruled that the crime of joint trespassing was two years in prison each for joint assault.Six months in prison, ten months in prison, 60 months in prison, six months in prison, four months in prison, 24 months in prison.

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