February 10th, pull the trigger on the split-cock pot, join the government to help the workers.

The gathering gathered in February of the Cultural Arts Hall in Bangkok, to protest against the government’s and criticism of the inadequate and poorly-constructed measures to control Corona 2019 (Q19.

Miss Blessed Monday, the leader of the human rights labor network, said during the rally that labor was the February group affected by the government’s shutting down of business and blocking travel on the pretext of controlling COVID-19 disease, but that the government had previously allowed people to register for cash.Drugs and money are not enough for a living, so the government is not willing to help the workers.

This labor leader also said that every career is important to the entire country, Colonel, Warrior, Minister and Minister of Defense, can the Ministry of Defense work for labor, sweep the streets for labor, and if not, why not help more labor?

an opinion on the matter

Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

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Sentencing you to assault a gang of Leo High School, 13-19 years from now.

The Sentencing Court of Appeals overturned the gang’s assault on Lothian High School in 2562 with a partial sentence of 13-19 years to 1-2 years.

The Tribunals read the appeal court’s ruling on the men’s group breaking into the Leo High School case on 24th February, 62.Wages around 2:30 p.m. while there was a GAT/PAT exam at the Lion High School, 22 defendants.

By a court of first instance, 21 defendants, from two months, 2,500 baht to 19 years, three months, Sentencing serving sentences.For two years, the defendant shall compensate the school for the sum of 35,400 baht, and for the other three victims the sum of 56,142.50 baht, 35,737 baht, and the amount of 55,352.50 baht in order to dismiss the defendant for 16 other charges.In addition to this, it is to be waived while the plaintiff and the defendant file an appeal by the defendant at 11 and 13 withdraws the appeal.

In spite of this, the court of appeal ruled that the crime of joint trespassing was two years in prison each for joint assault.Six months in prison, ten months in prison, 60 months in prison, six months in prison, four months in prison, 24 months in prison.

an opinion on the matter

Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

Conditions of participation.Hey!

Tolerable text. Distracted from him.Read it in public and send it up automatically.

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And then the squirrel killed me at the county attorney’s office before fleeing the provinces.

And then the squirrel On February 4, 2564 police officers jointly announced

the arrest of a handsome, 30-year-old man who was wanted at

the 14/2564 Green Cross Court for intentional murder of a burglar on January 29th after the attack, escaped from

the premises of a standing priest, assaulted elderly people

and injured them.It’s a local carjacking incident, and then it’s reported to citizens that a suspect was found fleeing to Meg’s Mint. Then the unsub’s movements disappeared before he was found responsible for assaulting civilians in the Chiang Mai area and entering the Marjakiri district until the authorities arrested him.

The D.O.D.’s fine-tuned bank account manager revealed an arrest on January 4th at 9:00 a.m. that a suspect was found sleeping in

a cottage on a two-room farm in

the D.A. Gagri’s office.The suspect confessed to murdering another man in the D.A.’s home area and fled

so he coordinated the police. Homeland Security requested information, so they found out the suspect was a suspect, so they’re in custody to the Marquis.

Senator Petrelli, home squirrel, said the investigation revealed that the suspect had committed an attack on January 29th, when

the home guard reportedly found the dead woman lying in the field in the turtle police station, the home police department, and

the police department.The platform, co-hosted by the crime scene, is known as the 52-year-old beautiful Mrs. Norpin, who was initially known as the mother of the deceased.

After the attack, you drove your own motorbike out into the area of the standing J.J., and attacked a 67-year-old middle-aged goldsmith, injured, then

the suspect fled the scene for about five kilometers, caused a theft of a local motorbike, fleeing the area of the standing J.J

the police department, but the car was stolen, and then the car was stolen.Next, stealing 12,000 baht of the victim’s money.

Then a good citizen leaked a lead on a suspect in the area of Meg

J. Galtz and then the unsub’s movement disappeared until

January 4th, when a good citizen found a lead on an attacker in the area of Marjakiri

J. Gongeng until he was apprehended by the Marjakiri police.

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The Mian army came to pick up Suji’s cell phone and found a smuggled radio into the house.

The Mian army government came to the police to accuse Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the civilian government, on Wednesday (3 January), claiming to have violated the law by importing and exporting.

Such a statement was made after the release of the release notice, which also states that Ms. Soo Ji must be detained until the 15th of January.

The Mian army document was based on the assumption that the Army searched Ms. Soo Ji’s house and found several radio carriers illegally bringing in Mrs. Sooji.Didn’t ask for permission to use it properly.

Minh came back under military dictatorship from the coup on Monday (1st January) when the military arrested Ms. Suji, a 75-year-old party leader.Democracy and other members of parliament in the early hours of the same day.

If it is finally decided that Ms. Soo Ji is guilty of such a crime, she could be sentenced to a maximum of three years.

In addition, the military government has filed a lawsuit against Vin Myin, 69-year-old President Mein, for violating the executive law.Nature with a maximum sentence of three years, too.

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Chevron-exon 2, oil giant, merger control, hope to survive COVID 19.

Chevron-exon 2 The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. business news agency, reported on the close news that two of the top executives of a giant oil company, Exonmobil Corp., and Chevron Corp., were discussing a merger last year.

Sources say that Mike Wirth, chairman of Chevron’s executive committee, and Daren Woods, CEO of Exon, discussed

the matter after the two companies faced the effects of the 2019 outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID 19.) that caused it.The demand for oil and natural gas all over the world has plummeted, affecting the financial performance of both companies.

Anyway, the source revealed that the conversation was still in its infancy, and no progress has been made since then.

If the market value of the two companies combined is over $350,000 million, and if combined, it will be

the second-largest oil company in terms of market capital and production, which, prior to the outbreak of COVID 19. disease,

had both X-rays and Chevron, produced oil and natural gas.That’s 7 million barrels a day (834.68 million liters) just second only to Saudi Aramco.

Even so, the merger of two of the largest oil companies in the United States may be facing market failure checks by the U.S. government,

while Mr. Joe Biden, the President of the United States,

has made it clear that he wants to reduce the use of oil to alleviate

the effects of global climate change.And Mr. Biden also said he wanted to push the United States through the oil industry.

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St. Won, don’t smuggle into the country, risk COVID-19

St.Congressman, please don’t smuggle into the country at risk of Kovid-19, after you see an infected woman.

Oceania Gavinpong, Director of Disease Control, revealed the outbreak of Kovid 19 on January 31, 2564. It is now established that some Thai people are still trying to smuggle through the country through natural channels, such as the case of a 31-year-old woman who was smuggled in from Malesia on the 27th of June, before being found infected with Covid-19, so this section would like to cooperate with those who are attempting to escape through the natural channels to coordinate the city’s secret passage.To prevent the spread of disease in the wider world.

St.As for the case of a 19-year-old woman found infected in

the Caspian Sea, the most recent one found 21 people infected.

On the way down to the disease control investigation area,

the number of people downloading the “Doctor Win” application was reduced, so I asked for your help in controlling the disease.

However, Oceania reported that in the case of

the iconic department store, a medical investigation found it to be infected.The department store staff, including seven, are old-fashioned cases that have been reported,

so let’s trust people to confirm that

the past has never been infected by everyday life, such as walking by or taking the same train, but will be caught in a place where the air doesn’t melt or eat together for a long time.

However, tomorrow (1st January, 64) there are many areas where some measures can be relaxed, so I’d like to ask

the people to cooperate.I’m gonna need a full-scale medical checkup, a medical mask, a hand sanitizer, unless the distance is too high.

Shocking van chauffeur! It’s a risky group because the masseuse sits at the top of a cliff, earning 3,000 a month.

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The fire at the oil refinery cost tens of millions of dollars.

fire Reporter reports today (29:00 a.m.) that at 4:00 p.m. Euthen supported an investigator who had received a fire report from an oil-fired plant.Quick.

By more than 20 water vehicles, thefire extinguishers are accelerating, and there’s always a loud explosion, because the area of thefire is a large storage facility and the production of oil makes it difficult to control thefire, taking more than four hours to control thefire.

Firemen from the province near King Bury, Ancient Bury, are supporting the supply offire extinguishers while the factory is still onfire.

According to the interrogation, Mr. Saints, the general manager, knew that for the factory there was an oil-and-hydraulics factory at around 3:00 p.m. when thefirebroke out, and that he wasn’t there.

For the factory that was onfireas an oil-fired site while the crime scene was staffed, but no one was injured, the cause is unknown, and the damage is estimated at tens of millions.

29.64 (17.30 a.m.) Super-cool! “Fire factory in the area?

His little county, Pashbury, had a blast from the factory.

Range “Uncontrollable.”

Cr. broadcast live at the crime scene in the province of jewelry.

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I can’t bear to sing “please” my sister’s husband raping his 12-year-old

My “please” her 12-year-old granddaughter to be raped by her sister’s husband until she was pregnant and had a baby.

Today (27th grade, 64) grandmothers and relatives of 100-year-olds filed a complaint with the publishing house.12-year-old

D.A. asked her granddaughter to help her sister’s husband rape her baby earlier this morning, and now D.A. and her baby are in a hospital where

D.A. is in a bad mood, and an prematurely delivered baby male is still in the family home.Bringing the major to justice.

Nana D.A. said no one had ever known that her granddaughter was pregnant, not even the baby.Anyway, since her granddaughter was already a fat kid, when the baby came out, she was interrogated until the

D.A. said that in the month of May

the major raped her while she was watching TV alone in the house because her grandmother was out shopping.

The major used a veil to intimidate

the D.A. that if the noise killed him, the D.A. wouldn’t dare.The D.A. is afraid and depressed to tell anyone.

After taking the case, the President of the Foundation coordinated the First Deputy Director, Professor Supinh,

the Director of General Affairs, 100 Ed

to prosecute the First Deputy Director later this afternoon, the First Deputy Director reported to her that she had issued a warrant to arrest and arrest him.

Now police are in the process of interrogating

the prime minister and bringing him to a confession plan before further incarceration.

My “please” the President of

the Foundation, said thank you to the PwD, Professor Supoint, Director of General Affairs, Ed, and the local police, who have been working so quickly.

This will link the orphanage and the 100-year-old family to the next ADR, and I would like to warn all parents not to leave their children alone or to take care of anyone who might be the victim of a heart attack.

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The council approved 319 votes, unlocked the cottage from drugs.

The council approves a 319-voice vote to remove

the shack from drugs, effective within 90 days, with the adoption of a bill.

Today (27m) in parliament, there’s a meeting of the House of Representatives, chaired by Mr. Potysu, Vice-President

Vice-President. Chairman of the meeting to consider the drug-punishment body that the committee of inquiry has completed.

Mr. Honorable, the High Priestess of Justice, as chairman of the Senate, reported to the council meeting

that according to the council meeting,Consider the principles of the narcotics agency punished.

Now that the Cabinet has completed its consideration

the Cabinet has used the drug-punishment body proposed by the Cabinet as the basis for its consideration.

And there’s a last remark to consider.

One, this draft will remove the cabin from

the drug, so that the people who consume it will not be guilty unless it is mixed with other drugs.

2. This draft will be enforced within 90 days of

the official announcement in December

which the Cabinet amended accordingly from the original 180 days by cancelling.Blaming the cabin will benefit the people who use it

The usual routine is to reduce the government’s budget to arrest and prosecute.

And it’s also beneficial to boost

the country’s economy, because

the cabin is a biologically diverse herb with the potential it deserves.benefit a country in particular to the farmer So this paper should push the body through quickly.

3. When the draft law is declared for use in

the New Year’s Eve, the people of

the cabin may be found guilty that

the law will be in force within 90 days

and that there will be a quagmire.Use the cabin freely and be arrested immediately.The law’s not yet in effect. The authorities concerned must make the public aware of this.

4. The length of time it takes for

this body to produce another crop hut to control the use of the hut.Since the cabin’s been removed from the dope commando

The Ph.D. has ruled that there should be no restrictions, as stipulated in the 2522 Narcotics Convention.

Because the cabin is a potentially economic herb, but it does not allow for use in children and young people.

When you’re done reporting to the council

Members of the Council have discussed various issues, particularly Article 2, the timing of the law’s passage after the 90-day official announcement.

Some members want the law to take immediate effect, which you honor by pointing out that a 90-hour deadline for

the formation of a plant protection agency is a long time coming.A cabin that’s a secondary law for controlling the use of crops.Um

not to allow children and young people to access it, not to use it in the wrong way or to mix it with another drug.

The meeting agreed to amend this law to take effect 90 days after the official announcement of the treaty. With 326 votes to 5.Yeah.

Then at the meeting, the board approved

the body of the DEA for a sentence of 319 votes to 7 and proceeded with the procedure for expelling him.It’s the next law.

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Nightbury turned on the latest Covid patient timeline, ate dinner in a famous mall, infected the third of the group.



Nightbury turned on the latest Covid patient timeline, ate dinner in a famous mall, infected the third of the group.

Nightbury  (24 January 64.) The COVID-19 Operation Center in Newfoundland revealed timelines for patients 277 or 161 of the new outbreak of the Nightbury

which 160 were highly susceptible, 11 were identified

2 were found, 1 were confirmed, 1 were confirmed, and 1 were confirmed.Oh,

and be held at the location of the County of Tiberia.

By this patient, working at the 14th-floor treasure building,

living in Condolumpini, including Ninthibes, J.N.T.bury, traveling to work at some MRT

going to the furnace station, going to the temple station,

going to the National Stadium, and getting on the bus to work, picking up my friends for dinner.

Besides, I had dinner with 12 of my friends at the Falabella’s Icons six days later,

feeling exhausted at home, late for the 5th Rama Market.

On January 19th, my nose didn’t smell well before I went to work the next day,

January 21st, as long as my nose didn’t smell

I went to the hospital to check on Janetbury before I went to work.31-year-old Thai woman in Nitbury County, Nitbury.161 cases of new outbreaks.

This patient is the subject. Patient confirmed 160.(PEOPLE CHEERING)

Of the County of Tiberius and the patients confirmed by the Department.

Worked at the Treasury, 14th floor, lived in condo.Pineapple Street, Nitribury Street.

13th grade, 64th grade, 6:50 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Departure.It’s been a while since we’ve had any MRT.

Get the blue line to the Papuan station. Get off at the station in July.G’s on BTS.

go to the stadium and get on the busHey.

in the evening, my friend [patient 160] came to pick up the goodsI’m going to…

To grill at a friend’s house, including six, and then go back to the pudding.G

14th grade, 64th grade, go to work on the same route and return to your quarters.Same way.

Fifteen millimeter, six are in the room with two friends coming over for dinner.Let’s go, sis.

Let’s stay in the room together.

16th and 64th at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for dinner.Food and friends, 12 of them.

( patient confirmed 160) at the F-store.Allabella, 6th floor.

17th grade, feeling weak at home, late for the market.5th grade by private car.

To buy some food to eat.

Eighteen millimeter, 64 living in a room, not going anywhere.

19th grade, 64th grade, going to work. I don’t feel well at night, Ray.Mm-hmm. It’s a symptom.

Dried, sneezing, self-medication, nose smells normal.31-year-old Thai woman in Nitbury County, Nitbury.161 cases of new outbreaks.

20 millimeter 64 to normal operation.

21st grade, 64th grade, home late, 160th patient calling.I thought my nose didn’t smell.

Go check out the private hospital in Jangzhou.

22nd grade, 64th grade, normal shift, 160th patient.The coroner reported the results.

Found the Covid-19.

At 11:30 a.m., the patient went to a private hospital to check for the covoid. Of the department.

23-millimeter, 64 hospitals reported Kovid-19.The nurse sent a car for him.

Go get him.


High-risk people, friends, 11 of them found two. One of them is a department patient.

And the patient confirmed the 160th of Nitbury’s infection. Nine.

Two families, no sign of infection, and no ID’disease.hold oneself at a detention site.

It’s from Nitbury County.

Out of the province.

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