I can’t bear to sing “please” my sister’s husband raping his 12-year-old

My “please” her 12-year-old granddaughter to be raped by her sister’s husband until she was pregnant and had a baby.

Today (27th grade, 64) grandmothers and relatives of 100-year-olds filed a complaint with the publishing house.12-year-old

D.A. asked her granddaughter to help her sister’s husband rape her baby earlier this morning, and now D.A. and her baby are in a hospital where

D.A. is in a bad mood, and an prematurely delivered baby male is still in the family home.Bringing the major to justice.

Nana D.A. said no one had ever known that her granddaughter was pregnant, not even the baby.Anyway, since her granddaughter was already a fat kid, when the baby came out, she was interrogated until the

D.A. said that in the month of May

the major raped her while she was watching TV alone in the house because her grandmother was out shopping.

The major used a veil to intimidate

the D.A. that if the noise killed him, the D.A. wouldn’t dare.The D.A. is afraid and depressed to tell anyone.

After taking the case, the President of the Foundation coordinated the First Deputy Director, Professor Supinh,

the Director of General Affairs, 100 Ed

to prosecute the First Deputy Director later this afternoon, the First Deputy Director reported to her that she had issued a warrant to arrest and arrest him.

Now police are in the process of interrogating

the prime minister and bringing him to a confession plan before further incarceration.

My “please” the President of

the Foundation, said thank you to the PwD, Professor Supoint, Director of General Affairs, Ed, and the local police, who have been working so quickly.

This will link the orphanage and the 100-year-old family to the next ADR, and I would like to warn all parents not to leave their children alone or to take care of anyone who might be the victim of a heart attack.

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