And then the squirrel killed me at the county attorney’s office before fleeing the provinces.

And then the squirrel On February 4, 2564 police officers jointly announced

the arrest of a handsome, 30-year-old man who was wanted at

the 14/2564 Green Cross Court for intentional murder of a burglar on January 29th after the attack, escaped from

the premises of a standing priest, assaulted elderly people

and injured them.It’s a local carjacking incident, and then it’s reported to citizens that a suspect was found fleeing to Meg’s Mint. Then the unsub’s movements disappeared before he was found responsible for assaulting civilians in the Chiang Mai area and entering the Marjakiri district until the authorities arrested him.

The D.O.D.’s fine-tuned bank account manager revealed an arrest on January 4th at 9:00 a.m. that a suspect was found sleeping in

a cottage on a two-room farm in

the D.A. Gagri’s office.The suspect confessed to murdering another man in the D.A.’s home area and fled

so he coordinated the police. Homeland Security requested information, so they found out the suspect was a suspect, so they’re in custody to the Marquis.

Senator Petrelli, home squirrel, said the investigation revealed that the suspect had committed an attack on January 29th, when

the home guard reportedly found the dead woman lying in the field in the turtle police station, the home police department, and

the police department.The platform, co-hosted by the crime scene, is known as the 52-year-old beautiful Mrs. Norpin, who was initially known as the mother of the deceased.

After the attack, you drove your own motorbike out into the area of the standing J.J., and attacked a 67-year-old middle-aged goldsmith, injured, then

the suspect fled the scene for about five kilometers, caused a theft of a local motorbike, fleeing the area of the standing J.J

the police department, but the car was stolen, and then the car was stolen.Next, stealing 12,000 baht of the victim’s money.

Then a good citizen leaked a lead on a suspect in the area of Meg

J. Galtz and then the unsub’s movement disappeared until

January 4th, when a good citizen found a lead on an attacker in the area of Marjakiri

J. Gongeng until he was apprehended by the Marjakiri police.

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